This is my thoughts on the media I watch. Expect spoilers.


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I saw the TV glow (2024)

10/10 - Im killing myself

Hazbin hotel(2024)

It’s kinda surprising seeing vivziepops stuff get somewhat popular. I was there in the before times. when all she had uploaded on her youtube channel was that dancing wolf animation with die young by ke$ha playing in the background. i kinda dipped off when zoophobia got into some bad shit (vaguely idk what happened specifically) and never got back into her work. i think ever since that she’s been kind of a… controversial figure which i think kinda fuels the discourse alot more. I'm going to be honest I have seen ALOT of discourse about this show since it came out. it slithers onto my twitter fyp because im an avid animation fan and after like seeing the show outright with a friend im gonna say that theres some things that people complained about that were understandable and some stuff that were just nitpicky bullshit.

the animation, compositing, voice acting, literally anything visual and audio wise is pretty top notch for the most part. You can really tell that the people working on these fronts worked hard and it paid off. The music is cool for the most part. I dont like poison. it isnt a bad song i just cannot stand it for some reason and i feel bad. the one song with the cat and the spider is pretty catchy and its a sweet song character wise. like two characters bonding over how dogshit their lives are? i love that i can see the appeal in the dynamics between them.

so character design wise theres an overabundance of suits in this show which isnt a bad thing but theres alot of characters where i think that the suits are there because the person who designed it just defaulted to that? Idk how to explain it other than that. Like Lucifer for example from his introduction scene i think he invents stuff? which is a cool trait to have but theres nothing in his design that says that. its just a suit and a top hat. which is kinda disappointing. But if I’ll say anything about the design I’d say I respect that they made him look like an angel and made him short. Another character that falls into that suit overabundance is the radio demon. Like he has reindeer antlers, microphone and a suit. Like he has black eyes and that’s kinda creepy? But that’s like normal bullshit for hell. Where’s the spice? He’s supposed to be threatening and powerful and different in some way but there’s nothing conveying that or really anything interesting about his character design. The snake guy absolutely pulls the suit off though but I think that’s because there’s other stuff going on with him, like the eye things on his sides complement him very well. Like I don’t know, there’s some appeal that the snake guy has that the radio demon and lucifer just dosen't have.

The snake guys death was funny and i wasnt seeing it coming by a long shot but im not gonna lie his arc was very unsatisfying. like he joined the hazbin hotel and then he just kinda floundered until he died at the end. i dont even know what warranted him to be redeemed to go into heaven in the first place? idk he's one of the only characters that makes the suit work but hooooh all that spice.... WASTED!

to conclude I think this couldve been a good season if it had more time to breathe (more episodes) for more character development but what we have right now is a very mixed bag. I appreciate the things that they made work and it was enjoyable to watch at least.

White zombie (1932)

so i watched white zombie and i guess it was alright the visuals are alright, the narrative was coherent, the scenes were cool looking like castle on a cliff and the mansion, bela legosi did that stare that he does. but other than that uhm yeah that definitely was a movie.

The term white zombie is kinda weird to me because in more modern movies zombies are just white because the majority of people represented in movies are white, like its kinda like saying wet water. but apparently the term zombies originally came from africa voodoo n stuff like that. I didnt know that until now. cant believe zombies have been whitewashed all this time. but now thinking about it makes sense

I find it interesting how different zombies are in this movie compared to more modern movies like night of the living dead. In this movie zombies can be used to harm people but theyre mostly used for manual labor by "witch doctors" but the main antagonist i think isnt a witch doctor but i digress. The zombies are more of a plot device or a physical representation of the fear of being controlled like the fear at even your eternal rest you can be unwittingly exploited for your body. Its present in both the side zombies controlled by the main antagonist being former enemies and the main love interest being only desired for her looks and nothing else by that jealous dude that gave her that rose i guess.

Meanwhile zombies in more mainstream media is I think the fear of "the apocalypse" in some abstract way or the fear of your loved ones just turning into rabid animals right before your eyes, wanting nothing more than to kill you shit like that idk im not really into zombies as a whole. I think theres some thing to say about zombies as an allegory for consumer in capitalism but im getting bored with writing LOOK AT THIS SLIPPERY FUCK INTRODUCING THE GIANT SALAMANDER THIS SOGGY MOTHERFUCKER HAS CHANGED ITS LOOK IN YEARS BECAUSE UGLY NEVER QUITS

The magician (1926)

So this film is a very interesting one because i rarely watch anything thats this old like its going to be turning 100 in 2 years so itll be interesting to see the development of modern films compared to this one

So i was initially confused when watching this film because honestly from my standards it reads more like a drama than a horror film. I mean theres some things that one would find horrifying like the paralyzing of the main character, the hell hallucination and stuff like that but its honestly pretty tame? I think this says more about how modern films are kinda desensitizing us to gore n shit like that. like a junkie looking for the next high but their tolerance to substances grows stronger so they need a stronger hit.

I find the option of using a magician as an antagonist rather than any other magic wielding persona to be kinda weird. like to me magicians are not only magic users but goofy magic users. magicians use their magic for whimsy and fun! to brighten a childs day. shit like that. doing fuckery is for a sorcerer or a warlock. I wonder if magicians had a more ominous connotation in the early 20th century and before? or maybe im just making connections where there are none. maybe these are just growing pains or whatever.

Also the music is familiar! like really familiar like theres this song that plays at the very end where the magician is killed and the main character isnt hypnotized anymore and it plays a song that ive heard so soo much times before. is this the origin of that song? if so then neat.

Uh was i impressed by this movie? ehh. but i guess thats expected with the age of this film and all that

The Green knight (2021)

so i watched the green knight awhile back like... in december 2023 and i have some opinions about it. I think its good! I think it captured a feeling that most fantasy movies dont really capture or most likely never bother to capture. Its this kind of real life malaise that feels truthful but also kinda depressing. I also like how it kinda hammers home how much Gawain dosen't matter and how much of a loser he is. He fucks up at almost every turn, gets his shit kicked in metaphorically and literally. but i think those aspects give way to like... some really really good scenes.

like when Gawain is tied up and ransacked by those bandits and left to die theres this rotating panning shot (idk what to call it) where it takes a Very very VERY long time to get do a full 360 but when it does its Gawain's skeleton covered in moss having starved to death years, decades, maybe even centuries ago and then it cuts back to the present where hes struggling n shit to move obviously motivated by this possible future and like idk i think the timing and the presentation of that scene was so soo fuckin good man.

Theres also an even better scene nearly at the end thats like this but on a much bigger scale and hoooh HOOOOOOOH him seeing his life if he were to refuse his destiny run back and become king and seeing the horror that comes with that choice its so dread inducing. I also like how the movie overall was a good deconstruction about the stereotypical hero's journey and how its mostly just a pantomime but like whatever im getting bored with writing shit its a good movie imo

Wednesday (2022)

So A friend recommended that i watch Wednesday. Its about the Adams family which im vaguely acquainted with. I just know its about a family that thinks "normal" things are weird and vice versa but i digress. So i thought "sure why not if its recommend by a friend then it has to be somewhat good… right?". I was wrong this show is a dumpsterfire, its just… so much. I'm not really overtly critical in the media i consume, lord knows everybody loves a good bad film/series, but i think Wednesday is just mediocre bad to the point that its kinda frustrating. if I wrote down everything i thought was bad in the show then this would go on forever so im just gonna write down whatever i can until i get exhausted

So yannow the werewolf girl thats Wednesday's roommate? her whole thing that she can't turn into a werewolf? I think her character arc is really poorly written - or at least could've used more work. So I think one aspect that i didnt really like is that I think that the show was trying to juggle more allegory's with her than they can handle. Like at first it was just a late bloomer allegory but then they slap you with "werewolf conversion therapy" and then suddenly its queer? why would werewolf's need conversion therapy for something that they naturally do? well being gay is natural but not everyone is gay but every werewolf is expected to turn into their wolf form eventually (in the show they call is wolfing out which is… ugh). I feel like there's a cut scene that makes the whole "werewolf conversion therapy" thing work like maybe somebody saying something in passing like "werewolves shouldn't change into their wolf form because they're dangerous and angry at that state how could this be allowed? we should ship them to a camp so they dont do that shit anymore blah blah blah" or someshit like that i dunno it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

if youre gonna put an asexual-esque werewolf into your story then stick with it because she just changes into her wolf form at the end of the season and its just wow! that was unsatisfying and now shes got one less thing going on with her character congrats i guess. Like there were so much more interesting ways that they couldve gone with the character but they went with half baking 2 sorta interesting arcs and not finishing either of them and the end product just comes off as messy as fuck.

the monster thing that kills people looks so goofy. like its obvious that its designed by tim burton bc of the eyes, the fact that theres some paintings of the creature that look significantly better and more coherent than in the show itself and it probably wouldve been ok if it wasnt for everything else being photorealistic. Like im sopposed to be scared of this thing but everytime it appears onscreen i kind of giggle becasue it looks so so dumb. the monster looks like he just hopped out of a plants vs zombies game and you're EXPECTING me to take it seriously? like cmon man i know its a series directed by tim burton but that dosent mean that they should shove THAT artstyle in every movie/series hes in.

another thing, this show uses… lingo… Like i have no clue if this was just a coincidence but they name the people in town that arent supernatural "normies". Every time they said that word This audio just reverberates at the back of my mind.

also nobody gives a fuck about the love triangle. boy 1 and boy 2 were both so shallow and the romance was just so forced. wednesday didnt even seem to be into either of them. why was it even there? to pad out time? because every series about a woman just NEEDS a romance shoved into it even when it makes the story suck even more? i dunno

also i heard that they fucked up the adams family characterization but im not a huge adams fan nerd so thats all i'll say on the topic of that.

yeah thats about it the series isnt good, i have no clue how it got so popular. it is utterly sauceless. the only thing that was good is that they played goo goo muck by the cramps at that prom scene but everybody on tiktok replaced that song with lady gaga nightcore

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