log date: 31st October 2019

welp this is my first update on this blog, honestly i have no idea whether anybody would even be interested in my ramblings, im just putting this page out there because future me would probably think this is interesting i was accually gonna name this page 'diary' but i searched for synonims for diary and found log book and that sounds more badass so uh yeah.

one thing that kinda sucks about being a day forward compared to every other country is that aloot of special specific holidays (like holidays that you can only celebrate on that specific day) get to me one day late so i cant share it with my friends because they'll probably sense my bullshit right away im mean this is pretty much complaining for the sake of complaining but it still a pretty big bruh moment when i have to wait a whole year to strike and even then i probably forget about it. its a vicious cycle indeed

also its hallows eve! my favorite holiday! hussah! and considering im on the computer now you alsready know that i have nothing to do. i could go trick or treating and to be honest ive always wanted to go trick or treating when i was a child because free candy and i would see new and interesting houses but my dad didnt like the prospect of trick or treating because it was basically stealing from other people so i never really went and also if i do it now my tall ass (compared to like kids and preteens) would be probably be asked why im trick or treating which would probably shatter my self respect into a million peices i should probably just watch paranorman or something, that movie is a good halloween movie from what i remember