Log date 1st November

hoooooooogh the summer holidays are just around the corner but i need to do prizegiving becuase im a prizewinner or something. fuggin sucks mate i thought i would have the prizegiving stuff off this year but yet again i have to go to that god forsaken show. i remeber last year i had to do a music peice on the bass but i had a SHIT LOAD of pods beforehand and my tum tum got a wicked bad tummy ache i thought i would have to perform with my whole digestive system commiting suicide right before my eyes but luckily that shit passed befor that could happen (dont take that last part too literally i didnt no such shitting) anyways thank god im just walking up to the stage this time i remeber that prizegiving being extra stressful

ALLLSO i have made the difinitive decition that im GOING TO GO TICK OR TREATING NEXT YEAR i do not give a flying FUCK of what old white middle aged karens will say becuase i will be dressed as jacket/richard and will be holding a katana for safe measures. what measues will they be? who knows :3 also i just want a lettermans jacket or whatever theyre called

wait ive been so caught up in the hallows eve i forgot to see the crackwatch status of bl3 AND ITS FUKIN CRACKED BOIIIIIS TIME TO PLAY ZANE AND GET MANY VIRUSES LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO