Log date: 19th Dec 2019

welp it's like, 5 days until christmas and i do have plans coming up like going to my uncles place because one of my aunts from my dads side is coming back into the country from like motherfucking london or someshit and apparently thats a once in a blue moon thing and im hyped for that but... i dunno the next decade seems kinda depressing like i dunno if its the fact that a whole chunk of my childhood came and went in the 2010s and it feels like i have much more of a responceablity to grow up and all of that depressing shit or that the world in general is becoming a dumsterfire metaphorically and litterally but i dunno im not really vibin with the next decade :/

also ive been havin a very irrueglar period for the past 3 months and i thought "oh fuck i should prolly drink more water and eat more healthy because i dont wanna die from a very shitt diet" so i did that and now i thoruly regret everything because i now have stomach cramps and they havent been going away the fuck this hasnt happned before is this what it feels like to be a hydrated motherfucker? FUCK SHIT ASSS THIS SUCKS.