Things to do:

  • -Dream diary
  • -Create shrine directory and shrines
  • Update Log

    21/02/2024:added added a link to the graphics page

    18/02/2024:added some doodles to the scrapbook

    15/02/2024:changed the ~~thing~~ like the pngs on the main page again bc the last one looked bad, the old one can be found in the archives

    14/02/2024: added a graphics page to links, also changed the layout of the home page. also made the stamps and websites into a seperate HTML file so I can edit both of them without having to change the home page and the graphics page seperately which wouldve been a hassle.

    11/02/2024: added back the game logbook stuff

    22-01-2024:anotha logbook entry

    08-01-2024:added the sprapbook and also another logbook entry

    02-01-2024:added my first journal entry on the brand spankin new 2024 page also moved the logbook stuff to a seperate folder

    11-12-2023:anotha journal entry

    11-12-2023:added another link in the resources page

    2-12-2023: Added Galtha back to the main page

    26-11-2023: added another log entry. Also I changed the cursor and added some stuff to the media page

    21-11-2023: More 3d stuff in the 3d stuff thing

    19-11-2023: Updated the main welcome page so the divs arent't held together by "position: absolute;" and margin-top bullshit. also apparently I havent been hosting those buttons at the bottom on my website all this time... oops

    17-11-2023: I updated the main page thingy so that the lighting isnt all messed up, also updated the about page. Also added the logbook finally

    2023 August

  • -fixed the resources page
  • -added more art to the fanart page and the original artwork page (12th august)
  • -added a new art post to the art resources page
  • -updated the appearance of the art gallery
  • -moved all of the Iframe webpages into another folder to clean up stuff
  • -made a seperate webpage for original art and fanart... becasue why not?
  • -Re arranged the update log so that it goes newest at the top to oldest at the bottom
  • 2023 july

  • -added a new art post to the art resources page
  • -added A 3D art page
  • -added some more art to the illustrations page
  • -added radioooo to the media page
  • 2023 may

  • -changed the design again U_U
  • -updated the archives
  • -updated the welcome page
  • 2023 January

  • -added a "addon" thing on the left for the update log
  • -added the stamps to the "about" page
  • -added some rotating food to the welcome page
  • -remade the "misk" page and changed it to "links"
  • 2022 December

  • -Changed the appearance of the gaemboy
  • -Changed the "about" page
  • -Added a pixel art page and added some new art in the illustration page
  • Changed the appearnce to the welcome page

    2021 September

  • -Changed the name of my website(and had to change alot of urls)
  • -FlippingBurgers > taciturnparadox

    2022 january

  • -made an art index so my gallery dosent get cluttered
  • -added radio garden to the links!

    2021 August

  • -Added the Creepy internet shite page in misk
  • -Added psychonauts 2 to the game reviews


  • -made the new navigation page, and remade most of my pages
  • -added more art to the art page
  • -removed the logbook thing and added it to the archives
  • -Spellchecked most of the pages, IDK if I’m gonna keep it up with future pages but let’s hope that future me does!


  • -made the archives and updated the index, and... did some other stuff (I cant remember if I’m honest)

    February 2020

  • -added the archives for useless shite that I wont probably use or old stuff i no like anymore >:(
  • -February 20th: updated the index thing
  • Aight I kinda forgot that this update log was a thing so uhhh oopsie doopsie I guess :d

    December 2019

  • -December 3rd: revamped the homepage and added a navigation taskbar on the left, also added my cruddy art :p

    i honestly cannot remember if I did anything in January lel

    November 2019

  • -November 2nd: started the update log
  • -November 3rd: updated the style.css to make my website more fugly :^) also added more buttons for more pages in the future
  • -November 6-ish?: added links and extras page
  • -November 10th: added an index for the diary page
  • -November 14th: changed EVERYTHING

    October-ish? 2019

  • -started this blog
  • -created the navigation page, about page and log book page