Want to waste some time of the internet?

Windows93 Pretty nifty website with alot of things to do
Radio Garden A map of radio stations around the world! click on one of the dots and you can listen to one of them
Can you find your way out of the wizard maze? Pretty self explanatory
Newgrounds Play some games, watch some animations, look at some art, listen to some music, chat on the forms, newgrounds has alotta stuff that you can do! theres also game jams, art contests, and annual events like pico day!
Armour games ahhhh my old stomping grounds! A relic of what flash games used to be before 2020.
David B. Mattingly yannow that guy who made those animorph covers and those "wizard in urban places" pieces? well he has a website where you can buy his artwork! I personally love his wizard illustrations
What will football look like in the future? Pretty self explanatory
The unofficial homestuck collection Ok so after the destruction of flash the homestuck website that you would originally go to kinda... sucks ass. So If youre gonna get into homestuck then use this application and experience it like god intended.
90's TV shows A website that hosts 90's shows, theres also 60's, 70's, 80's, and 2000's website on the right hand side
radiooooo Anotha radio website, this time you can listen to music not only from a specific country but a specific time period aswell :D Pretty self explanatory
My fathers long long legs An game. It runs in the browser