Heres some stuff that ive been bookmarked that helped me with making this website or just helped me in general

Button Animations

  • Alot of nifty 2D transitions for your buttons/links!

    Gradient generator

  • really convenient when you have no idea how to make gradients yourself

    CSS cheat sheet


  • Online virus checker

  • Allota nifty effects for your backgrounds, cursor, text etc! (This background is accually from this website lel)


  • Pretty nifty website with alot of things to do


  • Alotta old web gifs

    The internet Archive

  • website deicated to preserving alot of old/abandoned web stuff, theres alot of cool things on here like magazines, video games etc.

    The Wayback machine

  • very very helpful for seeing how websites used to look like (sometimes they even preserve download links! pretty nifty!)

    Digital Transgender archive

  • Some historical records of transgender history