Video game Journal

Did ya ever want to hear about some random dudes opinions on games on the internet? Well ive got news for you pal!

In this place, im gonna talk about platformers! and... other stuff

Honestly most of this is opinions so this stuff is quite subjective



I think initially the only reason that I played this game is that humble bundle had a sale where you got games free, and this was one of them. Which is great! because this game is cool. I like all the minds that you go into are unique and express the person’s thoughts n shit. I think the best one IMO is Edgars one with the bull that is annoying as hell, I just liked the whole vibe of that area, the whole cityscape gives me serotonin, and the endgame would be pretty good if I could fucking finish it, the spiral thing with the water is just impossible to complete... or maybe I’m just bad at games... either one - 5/5 would play again if I weren’t so unmotivated in general


I think I bought this game because it was one of those “get killed every 2 seconds” kinda game because I was into that at that time and I gotta say, this game blew my expectation away. The theme of anxiety and shit is just *chefs kiss* EXELLENT, like as somebody who has jack shit social skills because my unbearable anxiety, this really hits home. The constant self-doubt, the intrusive thoughts I just love how badiline is portrayed. Also, the gameplay, music just everything is excellent, I think this game was the first game that taught me to not rage at these sorts of games or give up - 5/5 s’pretty good, didn’t get all of the hearts though because I’m a pleb U_U

Hotline Miami

It is a pretty good game. The player sprites are uncanny but it doesn’t really take away from the value of the game. This was one of the games that (thankfully) I wasn’t spoiled on. I had a good time just playing it and letting the story unravel before me. the gameplay and the music is extremely good, the electronic music and the kickass, smooth gameplay go hand-in hand n shiet like that. honestly makes the gory gameplay more thrilling (jeez i sound like a psychopath) - 4/5

psychonauts 2

5/5 if this dosent get game of the year im beheading somebody

Echo (Visual Novel)

playing Echo was an absolutely decimating experience I am thoroughly astonished at how good the storytelling in this game is. the game graphics are kind of inconsistent but honestly, I don’t care. this game left a big hole in my heart, shit has fucked me up. At the point of writing this I’ve played all the routes except for Leos (honestly, he’s one of my least favourite characters in the group he’s not bad he’s just... meh) and all of them punched me in the gut in some way. In my first playthrough I played TJ's route and holy shit bro I don’t think I should’ve played that route first that was the heaviest out of the bunch and I felt like punching chase by the end of it HRRRGHHHH ITS SUCH A GOOD VISUAL NOVEL

5/5 Carl is best boy